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Android Apps Development

Android Apps DevelopmentThe use of Android-based smartphones is booming. Android's share of the smartphone market is at 60% as of July 2012. Devices are becoming more powerful and packed with features like Mobile payments, NFC, HDMI, Wifi , Open Accessory protocol all empowering the common user by a huge degree.

Android is now on tablets, TV's, Refrigerators, Ovens, Car Dashboards, Eyewear, Watches, Homes and what not. Never before has a technology been so empowering and quickly accesible to the average person.

Innovation on Android platforms is a now a rapidly growing trend among all enterprises and we postion ourselves as on development organisation who can provide multiple layers of solutions for your Android Powered technologies. Our teams costantly works on the latest in Android, so that when a need arises we are ready to innovate with you.

Our teams have experience working with our own internal embedded developers giving you an advantage of getting your product reasearched and integrated all in one place.

We serve our clients in a wide range of sectors for various Android based services:

  • Enterprise Apps
  • Utility Apps
  • Business/eCommerce Apps
  • Cloud Integrated Solutions (Asset Tracking, Service Management)
  • App porting for Gingerbread, Icecream Sandwich & Jellybean
  • Custom ROM'S
  • JNI & Android Internals
  • Android USB/Bluetooth/Zigbee Interface (Smart Home & Energy Metering Solutions) 
  • Android Interface with External Boards/MCU's via
  • Open Accessory Protocol (USB, Bluetooth)

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